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Is it worse to be utterly clueless that your company initials are STD, or go out of your way to embrace the name and incorporate it into your slogan?

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people from the midwest really are the nicest


… and so polite in even the most uncomfortable situations.

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Facial Hair Follies

Chaplin can chill.  Selleck can simmer down, and The Most Interesting Man in the World needn’t moveth over.  After a clandestine, and often scratchy, two week trial the results are in.  I, Michael Fred, can not pull off facial hair.  Humbly — and clean shaven — I present the photographic evidence:  Image

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conversations i never thought i’d eavesdrop on in a missouri truck stop

55 year old trucker #1:   “Boy my aunt and uncle could really jitterbug in their day.”

60 year old trucker #2:   “Yeah.”

55 year old trucker #1:   “Heck yeah.  They’d glide across that floor like a bowlin’ ball on a freshly slicked lane.”

60 year old trucker #2:  “I like ’em slick.”

55 year old trucker #1:   “You know who could really get on on a dance floor?”

60 year old trucker #2:  “No.”

55 year old trucker #1:  “That Patrick Swayze.”


60 year old Trucker #2 (clueless):  “You don’t say.”

55 year old Trucker #1:  “If I had it to do all over again I would have taken some of them dancin’ lessons.”

60 year old Trucker #2 chews up the awkwardness with the longest bite of burger ever.

55 year old Trucker #1:  “You’ve seen Dirty Dancing.  The ladies love a man that can move.”

60 year old Trucker #2 says nothing and keeps eating.

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