who the f?

michaelfredLaserbacksquareAfter a short stint as a carny, and lawn maintenance business co-manager – Teddy and Freddy’s Awesome Lawn Care in Massena, NY – alongside his grandfather, Michael decided manual labor wasn’t his desired long term job sector of choice, and enrolled at Ithaca College to study Communications and hit baseballs. Upon graduation, and the harsh realization that came with a minor league baseball tryout, he moved to LA to put his ample noggin’ to use in more creative endeavors as a production assistant at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno… where he couriered communication, acquired sustenance, disinfected potentially hazardous environments, and starred as an instantly forgettable Hawaiian shirted traveler mowed down by the Diana Ross Butt Kickin’ Robot.

A year later he took an assistant position with the fine folks at Stone Stanley Entertainment, and eventually spent five years as a development exec, rising to the rank of VP of Development. During his stint at Stone Stanley, and later Stone and Company Entertainment, Michael developed and produced shows including SpikeTV’s Joe Schmo 1 and 2, Comedy Central’s The Man Show, and Nick@Nite’s Hi-Jinks. As executive in charge of casting talent and staffing writers on Spike TV’s critically-acclaimed, The Joe Schmo Show, he discovered Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids + SNL), David Hornsby (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Jon Huertas (Castle + This Is Us), and Brian Keith Etheridge (Mike & Molly).

Eventually, he decided to chuck financial security to pursue his passion for writing, producing, and directing. This led him to form, The Kommune, a comedy collective that consisted of six series and over 80 episodes that he conceived, birthed, and delivered with the help of a few tireless friends.

Michael co-created, wrote, directed, and produced LA Comedy “Best of the Fest” selection, NONtourage, starring Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss (EllenStep Up 3D/4/5, Magic Mike XXL). He also co-created and sold digital comedy series, Stripperpedia, to Sony International. Yes, Momma Fred is especially proud of that one.

Currently, Michael is writing, directing, and producing feature dramedy, NICKed, with Michael Raymond James, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Dale Dickey, Will Sasso, and Dan Lauria attached to star.

He loves food and the denuded female form… but never together… and would check ‘strongly agree’ in response to, “I hate writing in the third person,” on a Likert questionnaire.


10 thoughts on “who the f?

  1. Patty "Mom" Frederick says:

    You always make me proud! And yes, put up the bookshelf!

  2. Nicky Sanks says:

    You fail to mention your career as a carnie or perhaps your greatest creation, night-time pool coed keep-away.

  3. Mike Frederick says:

    I do not remember “night-time coed keep away”??? You must have played that at the Menkes.

  4. Laurie Gagne says:

    “Michaelfred, solidifying his claim to the title of ‘World’s Most Gargantuan Cranium,’ is available for your special event (if only for the purposes of casting shade). He has also worked as a human jungle gym at children’s parties.”

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