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LA Comedy “Best of the Fest” Selection

NONtourage is a hip hop-flavored comedy about the potholes and hairpin turns on the super-highway to super-stardom.  Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss is a nice guy on the rise in Tinseltown; he’s an actor/dancer/singer (Step Up 3D, So You Think You Can Dance) who wants to learn from the best, stay true to himself, and make a little money. His personal manager is the street-savvy Nelson Diaz, who’s the man with the plan to make it all happen — any which way he can. But before tWitch and Nelson take Hollywood by storm… they have to get out of North Hollywood!

In the NONtourage pilot — created, written, directed, and produced by Michael Fred and Dave Greene — tWitch’s big audition for the action-comedy blockbuster of 2012 — Judd Apatow’s Hawkman — is preceded by the purchase of a sweet ride, and an ill-fated audience with one of comedy’s most infamous legends: the one and only Gallagher.

Thirty-one year old French Lick, Indiana insurance adjuster Craig Gregg went on a singles cruise to get over his ex-girlfriend, Shaylynne. It didn’t work out so well. This is his story of struggle and survival as a single man… in the middle of the ocean. In this episode, Craig and Tuna have a heart-to-heart on relationships, monogamy, and predators.

Cut-rate Dates is the worst video dating site on the web.  Don’t pay more when you can settle for less.

Quiter Newtberg,  a Hasselhoff-adoring German glassblower and web interviewer, turns to actor/rapper/dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss (So You Think You Can Dance?/Step Up 3D) to collaborate on his intergalactic hip hop video.

We kill Andy Warhol… again… and again… and again… and again.






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