my latest test shoot (update)

A couple weeks ago my hand modeling agent submitted the following test shots to The Zill Company for consideration to be the first face of male finger cymbals:

They passed.  My hands didn’t, “provoke the desired emotional aesthetic”…  which is code for, “The peacock finger placement and harsh lighting that your photographer – Anton – pushed on you ended up robbing your hands of their healthy hue and masculinity that we so desire.”  So there was only four things to do:

1.   Hand tan

2.  Break into Anton’s studio

3.  Take my own self hand portraits

4.  Submit the new test shot to my agent

I think you’ll agree that the new shot has more of a strong, masculine flair that projects vitality and fine motor skills.

Now, we wait… again…

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4 thoughts on “my latest test shoot (update)

  1. Cory Goriup says:

    Hey, I noticed I am not one of your “amigos.” What do I need to do to become one?

    • michaelfred says:

      You are most definitely a treasured amigo. This is only a list of “Some Amigos.” I didn’t think a well-respected professional outside my industry would want to be officially connected to my tomfoolery. But now that I know… I know… and I’ve changed it.

      • Cory Goriup says:

        Hmmmm…I guess that is an okay answer. Hey, if a professional like Peter Fischer is connected to your “tomfoolery” then why not me?!

      • michaelfred says:

        He’s professionally connected to my tomfoolery… and now so are you!!! Although you should let me know if at any point you feel like distancing yourself from it 😉

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