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my latest test shoot (update)

A couple weeks ago my hand modeling agent submitted the following test shots to The Zill Company for consideration to be the first face of male finger cymbals:

They passed.  My hands didn’t, “provoke the desired emotional aesthetic”…  which is code for, “The peacock finger placement and harsh lighting that your photographer – Anton – pushed on you ended up robbing your hands of their healthy hue and masculinity that we so desire.”  So there was only four things to do:

1.   Hand tan

2.  Break into Anton’s studio

3.  Take my own self hand portraits

4.  Submit the new test shot to my agent

I think you’ll agree that the new shot has more of a strong, masculine flair that projects vitality and fine motor skills.

Now, we wait… again…

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my latest test shoot

My agent called, and said that The Zill Company is searching for the right hand to be the first face of male finger cymbals.  Apparently, they want to be the maiden firm in the burgeoning male belly dancing market by producing cymbals with enhanced tone, volume, and resonance ranges generated by the increased force customarily yielded by the digits of male dancers.  I have no clue as to the validity of these claims of male dynamism so please don’t shoot the hand model (or do,  if you’re a company looking for the perfect hand for your next campaign!).

Since they are looking for the inaugural face of male finger cymbals they don’t have packaging featuring a male hand yet.  The female hand was however, very helpful in giving me inspiration for my personal interpretation of the hand character I would eventually portray in the shoot.

My photographer, Anton, decided to go with a bold, monochromatic vin rouge backdrop to bring out the moon-lit tones of my hand.  We workshopped a few concepts before deciding to “peacock” my middle, ring, and pinky finger to highlight the duality of man through the raw power and grace of the male form.

I think it’s safe to say that we nailed it from both angles.  Now, we wait….

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