halloween in(VEST)ment

There it is… all alone in a Jim Crow fashion show.  Let me be clear… there is no intergarment hatred going on here, only a universally accepted arrangement between vests — and cummerbunds — and standard suit attire to never live as one on my person.  It’s far from my best look… like Pluto far… not to be narcissistic… but I don’t need to erect additional lady obstacles for myself.  I’m set.

But I do feel guilty.  Look.  It can’t even turn and face Tie, or Dress Shirt 1 and 2.  F$ck it.  I’m going to “Abe it up!”… free the vest… and unify my entire wardrobe for the good of a 1920’s theme party.  So it won’t be my best look… either was Miss Vatican City 2005.

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3 thoughts on “halloween in(VEST)ment

  1. corygoriupC says:

    Are you going as a gangsta?

  2. michaelfred says:

    nope. next guess?

  3. Patty says:

    I can’t guess, because I know! Have you worked it all out yet?

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